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Maya Rivers


Maya takes great pride in making all her clients feel comfortable, confident, and calm while working to achieve their personal goals and is also extremely respectful of the confidential nature of the trainer/client relationship.
Maya was born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui, where living an active and healthy lifestyle was a way of life.
Maya has served as the Private Fitness Trainer for the honorees and visiting film industry VIP's at each June's Maui Film Festival at the Four Seasons Resort
maui and other luxury resorts in Wailea.

In Los Angeles, Maya served as the private fitness trainer for prominent out-of-town guest staying at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, Casa Del Mar, and Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica.
She has also traveled with many of her clients to provide daily training sessions at the Mandarin Oriental in NYC, Golden Door Spa in Telluride and elsewhere
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Integrated Flexibility Training

Integrate flexibility training is targeted for maximum results. Whether you are looking to feel younger, move with greater ease, maintain a youthful posture, improve sports or recreational performance or prevent injuries.
I will asess muscular balances and imbalances, target your needs, and determine what type of stretching technique is most effective for you and your lifestyle. I will focus on creating a program for you that will produce a complete mind and body integration for optimal results.

Golf workouts training, personal trainer texas, houston trainers

The most important piece of equipment in the game of golf is YOUR BODY.
The goal of a golf specific training program is to strengthen the primary muscles that are used in the game of golf and to increase your flexibility and strength to produce a more solid, safe and fluid swing.
While working together, we will conduct a series of tests including a complete swing analysis, plus a series of flexibility, strength, balance and range of motion assessments.
I will design a golf specific exercise program to increase the strength and flexibility within your body, strengthen your swing, prevent injuries and lower your handicap!

Ciriuit training, personal trainer texas, houston trainers
Creative Circuit

Creative Circuit Training, in which clients work with a variety of specialized equipment including stretch tubing, free weights, the BOSU ball, the foam roller and much more. Creative Circuit Training is a high-intensity series of exercises designed to sculpt, tone, and burn fat. It incorporates the most current and advanced fitness trends and techniques known. 
Whether you want to lose weight, increase flexibility, develop speed, or train for a specific sport or special event- creative circuit training will help you reach your fitness goals and have fun doing it.


Mrs. Elyse Lanier 


“Maya’s personal commitment to always have new and innovative workouts, and her work ethic has made a lasting impression. She has been a very positive influence in keeping me focused through the years. She is super passionate about her work and does an excellent job creating custom tailored workouts.

…PLUS, I love her red hair!”

Kelli Kickerillo

(Los Angeles/Houston) 

“Maya’s energy is boundless! Unlike any other trainer, I have worked with Maya was able to teach me how to connect my mind, my breath, and my muscles in a way that makes every movement I perform count. She has so much knowledge about the human body and is constantly learning about new and innovative training techniques that she then incorporates into very personal workouts for her clients. Maya has truly impacted my life."

Pat Davis, Senior Director of Spas for North America at Four Season Hotels and Resorts, Senior Spa Director at Four Seasons Resort Maui 

“Her immense knowledge of fitness and lifestyle coaching has enabled her to successfully create individualized exercise programs to meet the needs of her clients while having worked as a Personal Trainer at The Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel.”

David Appel 

(Lost Angeles/Toronto) 

“I have been training with Maya for ten years. She is one of the most dedicated and talented instructors I have had the pleasure of working with. She is innovative and motivating and she is always responsive to my specific needs. Throughout our time together, I have made consistent progress. Maya always strives to keep up with the new advances in her field. Her emphasis on stretching exercises is a major benefit to me. I would most highly recommend Maya to anyone seeking a talented and sweet-natured trainer."

Edward L. Glazer 

(Los Angeles/Boston)

“Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica sent Maya to train me and I've been able to keep it up for five years now! Maya's workout style is fun, energetic, and demanding and I always looked forward to my workouts with her. Maya has a high energy level and always kept my workouts interesting! Some of the benefits of working with her include losing over 30 lbs., an increase in flexibility and the building up of muscles in my weaker areas such as around rotator cuff!”

Lonnie Israel

(Beverly Hills)

“Never would I do these exercises by myself. Maya always brings the newest equipment, balls, bands, and weights. She is better than going to a gym! I have had many trainers, both male and female, and Maya is by far the most competent, professional, and creative one I've had. I am never bored, annoyed, or irritated. She does it right!"

Barbara K. Polland, Ph.D., M.F.T. 

(Los Angeles)

“Maya is a major plus on planet Earth! She's best described as bubbling over with optimistic joy, laughter, and enthusiasm. She has helped me feel glad to be vitally alive!”

Carole Merritt 

(Topanga, CA/NYC)

“I would describe Maya as highly knowledgeable, cheerful, and very encouraging in our time training together. I chose to work with Maya because of her unsurpassed professionalism and willingness to try whatever has to be done and to accomplish my health and wellness goals."



Private Individual Sessions / 100 per hour
Semi-Private Sessions also available
Special Savings on Multiple Sessions
Please Call for Details


Private Residences and In Home Training in Houston Texas

Indoor and Private Gym Facilities in Houston Texas
Outdoor and Oceanside Workouts

Worldwide Training while on Business or Vacation
Private Fitness Training in Malibu, Maui, Wailea, Makena, and Kapalua per request

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